Exploring Gabriola: Petroglyphs


More exploration of Gabriola! This one is pretty neat; super duper old petroglyphs. Petroglyphs are rock carvings made by “prehistoric peoples” (according to Wikipedia), and the pieces in this park were likely carved by the Clayoquot people (they are now known as Tla-o-qui-aht First Nations.) They may be as old as 5000 years!


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Learning to Make Kombucha


KOMBUCHA. I have tried fermented drinks a few times now; the ginger bug/calendula tea didn’t materialize (no success with the ginger ferment), but the boozy apple drank did work out. So now I try my hand at kombucha tea. There is a studio on the island that sells kombucha teas as well as scobys – they even do fermenting workshops! The owner/operator posted on the FB group about having a batch of blackberry kombucha ready for purchase so I snapped up 2 bottles as well as a scoby to start my own. What the friggedy is a scoby, you ask? I’ll tell you after the jump.


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Exploring Gabriola: Elder Cedar Nature Reserve


The Elder Cedar reserve has been in the news lately! This trail is popular on the island of Gabriola and features a number of large red cedar and hemlock trees. The star of the show is a large red cedar (one of the largest in the gulf islands, which were heavily logged at one point). As it points out in the article, this tree now has to be protected from the feet of the many people who walk this trail as the frequency of people using the trail was damaging the root system.


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Mini Trip To Coombs, BC (V. 2.0)


When I made my solo trip to Coombs I knew that J would love the market there, so we made plans to go back. Unfortunately the first weekend we tried this my family had a medical emergency and we ended up having to drive to Chemainus instead (the opposite direction!) and the trip was postponed. A few weeks later we finally made it happen, along with a detour to Englishman River Falls Provincial Park.


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