Reading Women 2014 Challenge

This year I challenged myself to read as many books by women as I could manage. There are still two weeks left in the year so I’ll likely have to add a few more, but I wanted to post my list here in celebration of my having covered all the topics in the challenge! So far I’m at 95 books (including 9 comics), and in case you wondered what that looks like, here it is:

22734964 22558777 22558730 22558726 22245978 22245973 22095699 21937391 21455124 20910157 20821087 20454977 18921754 18813642 18757876 18246699 18077802 Print 17851885 17841897 17731919 17727276 17333324 17333319 17333230 17332243 17271010 17262100 17225848 17199504 16248270 16248223 16160797 16130211 16057339 16057250 15936992 15803153 15796700 13547428 13497818 13429614 12875258 12262741 11758562 11710606 11395597 10356713 10335308 10199960 10120925 9559334 8442457 7939266 7106736 6493208 5081331 2713485 1875968 1475241 1297440 1070134 968825 869239 788331 574676 550720 476207 473833 468872 459134 394226 337615 201882 139994 121608 116477 92610 91056 72929 68021 60930 57136 57079 57061 54935 31173 31122 12349 11633 11359 7603 7445 3710 304

Full list can be found here, including all links to reviews (if I managed to write one). I really pushed myself to read a wider variety of books than I have in recent years, and tried to include more diversity. I’ll do a full breakdown of the statistics once the year has completed. Yay reading!

Power Outage Thrift Scores


It has been stormy here for the last week and we have already had our second power outage of the season. So when the power was off when we woke up the other day we decided to head into town and do some shopping. I got my hands on a candle holder (good for when you have no electricity!) a small amethyst stone, and a glass drink dispenser with cowboys on it… perfect for kombucha! I also got 2 pairs of black pants and a gold and black H&M sweater. Woot!


How to Make Paneer


Want to try the mattar paneer recipe I posted a while back but can’t find any paneer? It happens… most regular grocery stores don’t carry it, and if they do it’s like $8 a block. Here’s how you make your own! It only takes about 20 minutes and you just need milk and lemon juice.

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Creating a Brew Room


Since I am now a master of kombucha brewing, heh heh, it seems only fitting to have an area where I can store all the various bottles and equipment so they won’t be in the way. We have been collecting bottles and other glass items since moving here and they have been stashed in all different areas of the house, mostly in the kitchen or linen closets, but we thought it would be great to have them all together somewhere for easy access. We found some wire shelves on sale over the weekend and bought two to put in our laundry room. This area of the house hasn’t been addressed yet, but I have planned out some shelving for over the washer and dryer, and something to hide the water heater and ancient pump (remember when we put in the carbon filter? We’ve painted this room since, but that’s all that has happened here.) The set up isn’t super pretty, but it’s definitely more functional!


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Making Roommates of the Chickens and Ducks


Up until now the chickens have been living in their new semi-completed coop, and the ducks had been living in the old coop on the side of the house. J decided to turn the old coop back into a tool shed, so the ducks were then moved into a separate small house made from scrap wood and the shed was reclaimed. To let them stretch their legs during the day our temporary solution was to lead the ducks into the garden enclosure where they could swim in their kiddie pool.

They very quickly trashed the enclosure, ate all my nasturtiums and lemon balm, and turned the wood chip ground cover into a big mass of duck poo. *sadface* It was also becoming a big deal to have to herd the ducks back into their house every night (sometimes they cooperated, sometimes not) plus make sure the chickens were secured. It seemed to make sense to combine the two into the one large coop and get back garden enclosure back. We also got some snow this week and thought having all the birdies together might help them keep warm.


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