Comfrey: Superplant


COMFREY. The existing garden on the side of our lower yard had a bunch of great plants already growing in it when we took possession of the house, including several large and healthy oregano and lavender plants, a Spanish Broom (not to be confused with Scotch Broom which is an invasive species currently taking over the island), an albizia tree and a huge comfrey plant. These plants all have great uses; lavender obviously smells amazing and also has culinary uses, albizia flowers can be used to treat stress and anxiety, and we will probably never run out of oregano again as long as we live. Comfrey also has a lot of uses, mainly in treating swellings, sprains and other injuries.

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New Garden Stairway


When we moved in a lot of our yard was fairly au naturel, and we have been gradually developing it with stairs, planters and gates to keep the deer out. A few weeks back J started this set of stairs leading to the lower yard, and we have been fleshing out the bed with plants; maroon hibiscus, oregano, cat nip, yarrow and comfrey. We have also planted humming bird vines along the fencing so it fills in with something pretty rather than just being a cold metal fence. The stairs turned out really nicely and we have almost finished filling the steps with stones. In this space before was just a sloping lawn with weeds and tall grasses growing along the fence. Some in progress shots after the jump.

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Vintage Vancouver Badge Collection


I grew up in Vancouver and lived there most of my life. One of the things I remember as a kid of the 80’s/90’s was that there were badges for everything. I have long since parted with all my badges, but yesterday at the GIRO I found a jar FULL of old Vancouver buttons and I couldn’t resist. It’s got a bit of everything; Stop Racism (I had several of these in elementary school), the Vancouver Aquarium, Greater Vancouver Library, and Even an “I Voted UBC Recreation Centre ’88”. AMAZING.

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Achievement Unlocked: Pantry Complete


The pantry is done!! All the walls are now lined with shelves, including over the door, and all has been painted black. It’s really hard to photograph the room because it’s sooo tiny, but you basically get the idea. I’m so very excited about this project and, more importantly, the fact that it is now complete! more pics after the jump.

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