Adventures in Homesteading

“Homesteading” has become a bit of a buzzword of late; young professionals are leaving the city and their corporate careers in droves, opting-out of the fast-paced modern world in favour of a simpler life. Sounds like an episode of Portlandia, if you ask me. But having just quit my 9-5 job and purchased a house on a small island off the West Coast of British Columbia, I guess I am part of the pack hoping to become more self-sufficient in the face of workplace misery and economic stress. Selling my 817sf condo in Gastown (Vancouver, BC) and transferring my life to a 1/2 acre property on Gabriola Island c/w 2000sf home was the most exciting thing I have done in recent years. Sick of the materialistic attitude and elitism of people in the city, I’m retreating to a lifestyle that will allow me to have more free time to read, craft, garden and bake. How domestic! And awesome. This blog will chronicle my various DIY projects, along with my partner J, our ginger cat Pilot, weenie dog Big Suze and hairless rattie Farnsworth. It’s going to be a drastic departure from city life, and we can’t wait.

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