Book Review: How Poetry Saved My Life

002_bookreviewRead for: 2014 Female Authors Challenge
Rating: 4/5
Amber Dawn is amazeballs. I ordered this from the Arsenal Pulp website and it arrived, like, the very next day, so right off the bat I was excited. And How Poetry Saved My Life didn’t disappoint. Winner of the City of Vancouver Book Award, Dawn gets very personal in this collection of poetry and prose based on her experiences as a sex trade worker in Vancouver. Reasons I loved this: 1. Amber Dawn is a local (to me) woman and I always like reading about my own neck of the woods and other people’s experiences here 2. Amber Dawn calls attention to the struggles of the women in the sex trade industry in a very real way. She breaks the book into 3 sections; Outside, sharing her experiences as a worker outdoors (on the street), Inside, sharing her experiences of sex work from indoor locations (“rub-and-tugs”, etc), and Inward, which she explains in the introduction as drawing on the theme of love in her life 3. She sugar-coats NOTHING. She earned every bit of the Vancouver Book Award and deserves so much more. If you are looking for more from Amber Dawn I highly recommend Sub Rosa, her novel about supernatural prostitutes. Yes, supernatural prostitutes. Dig it.

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