Introducing: Big Suze


Big Suze: Superweenie

Our most recent addition, Big Suze (named for the character from the British comedy Peepshow), was adopted from the Nanaimo SPCA at the end of September 2013. We were considering a small dog, either a frenchie, weenie or boston terrier, and made several trips to a local pet store to view their puppies. I was uncomfortable with the idea of buying a pet from a pet store, so instead I took a look on and stumbled upon 2 dachshund puppies recently rescued from a backyard breeder who was evicted from their home. Suze was very shy to start, but with come coaxing warmed up to us and learned to be confident around the house and on walks. She likes shredding her toys (all except Squiddy), sitting on my lap in the car, and belly tickles. In the photo above she models a sweater knit by the local knitting circle the Knit Wits, purchased from the Gabriola Charity Shop. Though when we aren’t looking she will wiggle out and hide it under the sofa.

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