Home: Before Pictures


In the fall of 2013 we began looking seriously for a property on Gabriola Island. Our reasons for doing this were many; we wanted something quieter, simpler, and a lot less stressful, of course, but affordability was probably the most important factor. Life in Vancouver is very difficult to maintain with the cost of living being so high. I bought a condo in Vancouver’s Gastown in 2007 with very high monthly payments ($2000 mortgage, $275 strata fees, $170 property tax, and on top of that payments for cell phone, gas & hydro, groceries, transportation etc – and this was MONTHLY), so not working full time was not an option. What I found was that I was spending all my time working and barely even spent any time at home, which is what I was working so hard to be able to afford. This kind of lifestyle started to really wear on me, and after looking for ways to simplify my life the one thing that kept coming up in my mind was finding a much more affordable home so I could work less and actually spend some time there. Crazy, right? I put the condo up for sale, which, lucky for me, coincided with a market dip in the greater Vancouver area, and it ended up sitting there for almost a year while I struggled with payments and viewings and wanted nothing more than to get out. At LONG LAST the condo was sold and J and I moved into a rental while we waited for the perfect house to come up on the market. In December we made an offer on the house and took possession around Xmas time. After wrapping up loose ends in the city we packed a U-Haul and made the move and have spent the last month making improvements to the property and getting settled. This post is to show images of the property at the time of purchase. Above is the driveway and carport, street side of the house (North)


Garden side of the house (South)


Kitchen (So 70’s!)


Upstairs bathroom – seriously, what is with that brown swirly toilet.


The living room


The living room with windows


The sun room off the master bedroom


Secondary bathroom on lower level, unfinished sauna beside the shower on the right.

Being an Interior Designer, there is a lot (LOT) about this place that I want to update, but it has great bones, a huge south facing garden, and plenty of space. We really couldn’t be happier about what we have found here and are looking forward to living comfortably here for a long time to come.

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