Lavender Bath Bomb Love


J made bath bombs!


J is big into natural remedies, and loves James Wong’s series of books on growing your own plants for the home. The recipe for the lavender bath bombs we used is in the 2009 publication Grow Your Own Drugs: Fantastically Easy Recipes for Natural Remedies and Beauty Treats (linked to the UK Amazon as the Canadian Amazon doesn’t have stock). As the title alludes, it is really really easy. And it definitely helps ease the sulfur smell of our bathwater (we are on a private well here, and need to install a carbon filter to help combat the egg smell. More on that later!)


Toss the ingredients into a dry bowl (lavender buds, citric acid powder, bicarbonate of soda, lavender essential oil and vegetable oil) and mix together. J added some purple colouring to one batch and, because the dye is water based, the mix fizzed up. So keep it dry!


The book calls for a biscuit cutter, but J pressed his into a mold – in this case, our heart shaped measuring cups.


He then tapped them out and transferred them gently to a plate to dry out. I used one the other day and it was so nice!


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