Book Review: The Bone Season

05_bookreviewRead for: The hype!
Rating: 2.5/5
So this book has been in my face everywhere since it’s release last August, and I resisted until now. I was initially interested because it’s about a girl with a clairvoyant talent enabling her to enter “dreamscapes” and I really like dystopians/fantasy, and also because a lot of people are calling her the “Next J. K. Rowling” – I’m a fairly obsessed Potterhead going through Harry Withdrawal so of course I had to give this a go. But I came away with mixed feelings. Drawback #1: It’s YA. I love me some good YA, who doesn’t, but why does all YA have to have the same protagonist? Start with a pretty teenage girl, roll her in super powers, add a liberal sprinkling of angst, arrogance and sarcasm, then throw an I-hate-you-but-suddenly-I-love-you love interest into the mix and let boil all over the story. At least there was no solid love triangle (thank goodness), BUT apparently this book is just one of SEVEN in the series so there’s lots of time to create one. Drawback #2: Info dumps! Like a million of them! The world Shannon has created is so complex it needs constant explanation. Every character that Paige talks to gives her a ton of new information so that the reader can understand what is happening. While I really enjoyed the world that she created, I wish there was a better way to get the reader adjusted. Drawback #3: There is already a movie in the works which makes me grumpy because why can’t Hollywood just leave all the books alone? By selling the rights to this immediately it feels like it was only written in order to become a cash cow hot on the heels of Twilight, Hunger Games, and Mortal Instruments (and yes Harry Potter too). And also, by turning all these books into movies the readers that would potentially get into them will just wait for the film to come out. More people need to READ, rather than just sit in front of a TV, if you ask me. All the drawbacks aside, I did enjoy parts of this, and probably maybe I’ll read the next one. I can’t guarantee I’ll make it to seven, though.

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