DIY Headboard: Phase 1


We made a headboard!


We’ve got our first guests next week and the spare bedroom needed some serious love before I would let anyone stay in there (lots of spiders + no bed = not really a guest room). We managed to get a double mattress, boxspring and metal frame for FREEEE (plus a TON of other amazing things, more to come later!) and are getting the room ready for set up. A bed without a headboard feels very dorm-room, so we decided to make a headboard. We got some cedar siding boards from Home Depot (6 x $18ea, cut in half at the store) and laid them out on the floor.


After measuring the overall width of the piece and getting the boards in an order we liked (we are actually using the backside of the wood) I hand drew the shape onto the boards.


J used a jigsaw to cut along the lines.


It started to look good!


We used two boards on the back of the headboard to hold it together and stabilize. We wet the boards and applied Gorilla Glue before nailing them securely into place. The bottom board is placed to sit on top of the baseboard so we can screw the board into the wall.


Phase one complete, now to sand the edges and apply a clear varnish. Total time: Couple hours. Total cost: $130.  Woo!


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