CULT: Cruelty Free Nail Polish


Vegan and animal-friendly nail polish! Amazing.

I used to be really into painting my nails, but over time became less enchanted when I thought about where the polishes were coming from and what was in them. I just learned about CULT Cosmetics, a California-based company making nail polishes in great colours that are 5-Free – meaning they are free of DBT, toluene, formaldehyde, camphor, formaldehyde resin and animal cruelty.

Check out their website to join their blackbox nail club – for $10/mo ($20/mo for us Canadians) 3 full size polishes plus a bonus tool or accessory are mailed to your house every month. Pictured below is the January box I received, entitled America’s Sweetheart, with:

Abbot Kinney (NEW!): A one-coat, hyper-pigmented metallic antique gold that combines modern style with classic romance. Perfect for the girl who keeps control while still believing in true love.

Hollywood Hills (NEW!): A ballerina pink inspired by LA’s urban princesses but feminine enough for every girl who ever owned a tutu and a tiara and loved it. Mixed with our One & Done, one-coat, hyper-pigmented formula.

Los Feliz (NEW!): A wild orchid that’s more urban flower than English garden. For the city girl with a hopelessly romantic sweet side that she just can’t hide. Mixed with our One & Done, one-coat, hyper-pigmented formula.

Plus a matte topcoat I bought separately for $6. The bonus accessory was the white striper polish. Stoked these are animal friendly, because THE ANIMALS. I LOVE THEM ALL.



  1. […] Here are the images of the first black box I received, if you’re curious! The box I received today included CC40 LAGUNA (the red/magenta) CC47 BREAKWATER (bluey-purple) and CC41 COACHELLA (amazing iridescent silver). They apply thickly with just one coat and I’ve found that they last a couple days before chipping sets in. The chipping is lessened by putting a clear coat or two on top. ALSO included in this box as the bonus accessory was a small set of brushes with very fine points on them. Their website includes tutorials of how to use these tools with the polishes. I’ve been really happy with these products thus far! […]

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