Book Review: Sassinak

11_br_sassinakRead for: The rad looking babe on the cover
Rating: 1.5/5
Oh, Sassinak. Where did you go wrong? The cover was good (not that this counts, but really, it counts), it’s written by Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Moon, and the premise was intriguing (strong female sci-fi babe fights space pirates!!), but this seriously did not deliver. As was the case with McCaffrey’s The Ship Who Sang (which I was almost equally disappointed by), the book is broken into a series of shorter stories all following the same characters and general plot, but jumping in time – book one is Sassinak’s childhood and capture by pirates, then book two is her journey following space school, and the third being her as a space captain, etc. The first book was crazy fast paced and glazed over some pretty huge events that could have been drawn out into something more engaging and thorough. Book two was Sassinak’s saving grace; the pacing was good, the story was interesting, and it even had some rising action and a conclusion (though extremely predictable). Book three was so scattered and uninteresting I found myself seeking out other reviews to see if it was going to get any better, and the general consensus online was that the fourth and final part was the pits so I called it quits right there. Sad, really. I don’t like giving up on a book! But when there are so many others on the pile that could actually be well written and awesome, sometimes I just move on. Bye bye Sassinak!


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