Carbon Filter VS Well Water Sulfur


I mentioned a few weeks back that upon moving into the house we discovered that the water supply had a strong rotten egg smell, which indicates sulfur. The night we arrived with the first truck load of our stuff we had been moving all day and I was exhausted, wanting nothing more than to run a hot bath and relax. I turned on the water and left it running while I did something else, and upon returning to the bathroom got a punch in the face of stinky fart smell. I was pretty bummed to discover that I would be relaxing in a hot bath of stink. We initially thought it was because the well water (we have a private well that supplies all of our water) was sitting stagnant for a while before we arrived, but the smell didn’t lessen much over the next few weeks. And it was gross. We don’t have a cistern that allows the water to off gas after being pumped from the well, it just comes directly into the house, through an ancient looking pressurizer, into the hot water tank, and on to the rest of the house. We did some research and learned that, short of installing a cistern which is costly (and what we will likely have to do eventually), we could try installing a carbon filter to our water line. We picked one up for $30 at the hardware store and did a labour trade with our friend to get it installed. It has definitely improved the smell of the water! Though it needs changing every few weeks to keep the fart smell away. We have the single filter in at this time, though I have seen set-ups that include a series of filters for added strength in removal of the sulfur particles. Eventually we may double or triple up the filers and install them more securely against the wall. Ultimately we will probably install a cistern under the driveway, but it’s not high on the list of priorities at this time.


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