DIY Sushi Mat


We are making sushi today! We picked up the supplies we needed with the exception of a sushi rolling mat, which the store was all sold out of (apparently lots of people over here make sushi?) But have no fear, I made my own instead.


I bought a pack of skewers and used some of my embroidery floss to put the mat together. In total it took about 15 minutes and I think anyone can handle making one if they need to.
I laid out a long string of the black embroidery floss to start and placed a skewer in the middle, then tied a really simple overhand knot to secure it. Then I placed the next skewer and tied another overhand knot, and continued on until I felt the mat was big enough.

02_23_2014_07 02_23_2014_08

Once all the skewers were connected I did the same thing on either side to secure it (with fancy coloured thread for fun), and tied square knots in each thread to hold the ends.

Ta da!


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