Boneyard Shawl Complete


During the blackout I spent a lot of time knitting by the woodstove like an 80 year old lady, thus completing my new scarf which will henceforth be known as the Blackout Scarf (here it is on Ravelry). I don’t remember where I got this yarn, but as I mentioned in my last post about this piece I think I bought it in Huddersfield UK. It’s super soft and has a nice weight to it that allows for some pretty great draping. Pretty excited to have this old WIP complete so I can move on to the next!


In total I used 4 skeins of this stuff, it’s lovely and non-itchy! It would have been ideal to have a 5th as the last bit got rushed as the yarn supply got lower and lower, and the ribbed edge is thinner than I would have liked it to end up being.


True story; I ran out of yarn with 7 stitches left.



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