Foods: Dinner on the Woodstove


During the power outage we relied 100% on our woodstove to eat, and as a direct result I ate a lot of s’mores this week. Also easy to make in a woodstove (or campfire) is baked potatoes. We wrapped a potato lightly rolled in oil into tinfoil then threw it onto the embers of the fire during a period where the fire was cooling off. Let them cook for a bit and you’ve got a pretty easy meal.

S’mores are also ridiculously easy and amazingly tasty (this was the first time J, who is very English, ever had real s’mores!) We made these with gluten free graham crackers and mint flavoured chocolate. I will likely introduce these to my regular snacking routine now that I’ve been reminded of their melted glory.

02_27_2014_26 02_27_2014_05

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