Knitting: Woodland Knits

woodlandknitsI just picked up a copy of Woodland Knits by Stephanie Dosen and am super excited! I’ve been avidly following her pattern releases on Ravelry for years now and she is just brilliant. This book includes 21 patterns, which for $12 is a total steal!! Deer with Little Antlers Hat, Moonbeam Duster, Bo Peep Scarf, Tiny Violet, Hand Puff, Fawn Poncho, Free Repunzel!, Woodland Hoodlet, Meow Mitts, Faerie Wings, Dragon Watcher’s Hood, Mr. Fox Stole My Heart, Juniper Wishing Scarf, Catching Butterflies, Garden Gate and Ivy, Seedpod Purse, Oh My Bear!, Wanderwillows, Wildflower Crown, Spirit of the Birch, The Changeling Collar, AND Midsummer’s Night Dream are all in this book!

I also bought her pattern for woodsy fingerless gloves… THE RACCOONS!! I love this woman.

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