Foods: Mad Rona’s Coffee Bar


Mad Rona’s is a contemporary coffee shop in the Village adjacent the Woodfire Restaurant, and they make a mean Lavender Tea Latte!



Yes LAVENDER Tea Latte. I’m in love! I’ve never had one before (or even considered it a possibility) and it was fabulous. I’ve also had a chai tea latte (first image) at Mad Rona’s and it was pretty tasty. Chai lattes are tricky, and every coffee place does it differently. The one I had at MR’s was a bit too watery for me, but I would certainly replace my regular order of chai with lavender and be eternally happy. Also available from the cooler is a selection of sodas, and today I picked up a Phillips Sparkmouth Ginger Ale which was DELICIOUS. The only ingredients are carbonated water, cane sugar, fresh ginger, sodium benzoate and citric acid. The taste was gingery but without being overpowering or too ‘spicy’. This craft brewed natural soda is from Victoria, BC and I will definitely be looking for more! The very last image is of a lemon square also from the MR’s cooler, which was delicious. One of my favourite flavours is lemon, and sugary lemon is a double win.

03_01_2014_09 03_01_2014_10

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