Foods: Gateway to India


Fact: I love Indian food! I haven’t had any in months (there’s none on the island *sadface*), and today I set out to find some.


In Nanaimo we came across a place called Gateway to India that had strong reviews online, and decided to check it out. Holy moly it was delicious! I had vegetable pakoras (pictured first) which were excellent. The portion was large – the picture was taken after we ate a few – and the chutney was fruity and not too sweet. For anyone not familiar, pakoras are made with chickpea flour, so in theory they are gluten free. Next up was an order of muttar paneer, which is a curry with peas, onions and paneer (fresh cheese) cubes. This one also had potato in it which was a nice touch. The flavour was great and it wasn’t too spicy. The portion size was also good, more than enough to share! The best part of the meal was the garlic naan bread which was freshly baked, super fluffy and soft. I’ve never had naan this good. It had a sprinkling of spices (maybe a touch too much salt if I’m going to complain about anything) and a bit of parmesan cheese. These are not gluten free, but I didn’t even care – there was no way I was going to leave the restaurant without putting those amazing puffs of bread in my face. The interior was nicely finished, clean, and featured a number of nice fixtures and a well stocked bar. We were the only people there for lunch, but it looked like the kind of place that would be busy for dinner service. The outside is the dumps, but I’m glad we didn’t let that fool us (just about everything in Nanaimo looks like the dumps), this place is a gem.


03_04_2014_04 03_04_2014_08

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