Local Road Trip Guides


One of the things I enjoy about traveling with BC ferries (ok, probably the ONLY thing I enjoy about BC ferries) is that in the gift shop they have a book section that features local (British Columbia) books. The last ferry ride I took I couldn’t resist grabbing these two books about road trips in BC and the Northwest. One of the things I did when we moved that I was only marginally excited about doing was buying a car. I have had a few cars in the past, and in all honesty, I hate the things. They are expensive to run and maintain, always seem to leave me broke at the least convenient time, and obviously aren’t good for the environment. However, living on Gabriola almost requires a car for travel, particularly when we live on the south side of the island, a fair distance away from the ferry terminal (and too hilly for regular bicycle commuting, especially given that I am 100% a fair-weather cyclist). So, after a false start that involved buying a cheap used car that literally set fire the first time I drove it, I went to a dealership and bought a reliable, mature “adult” vehicle for the first time in my life.

Now that I have a car again I would love to start going on road trips – something that didn’t happen the last time I had a car. When I was living in Gastown I had a Jetta that I used to commute to school in Burnaby. I ended up taking a break from studying during which I thought about selling the car, but held on to it with the hopes that I would use it for weekend trips out of the city. Unfortunately, the person I was with at the time didn’t ever want to go anywhere (who DOESN’T like travelling?? That’s what I want to know…) so I ended up keeping it insured, but only used it to drive the 7 blocks to work. Realizing that this was absolutely ludicrous, I sold it to a friend and enjoyed being without a vehicle for several years. Things sure have changed now! J is a huge lover of travel and the two of us can’t wait to hit the road to see what our beautiful country has to offer, as well as below the border now that J has his residency status and is allowed to leave and reenter Canada. These two books are filled with great information about what to see in BC as well as on the way down to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. Now if only this crummy snow would go away!

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