WIP: Cabled Lake Sweater Take 2 (or 3)


Soooo after I pulled this baby out of the Dresser of Knit-Shame, I was determined to finish it… have I mentioned that the sweater as photographed in the last post was actually the second incarnation of the cabled lake sweater? The first attempt included an intarsia liger on the front, as requested by my ex. I’ve read somewhere that your relationship is doomed once you knit your partner a sweater (or get their name tattooed, ha), but lucky for me I was only half done when we broke up. The sweater was then reborn sans-liger and with the cabled front you saw last. Picking it back up again reminded me of why I stuck it in the drawer in the first place, I was never really happy with the cable pattern I started on the front. I was attempting to design a pattern that used the 2×2 ribbed neckline to set up the cables on the sleeves and body, but was left with a weird number at the centre front. Did you know knitting requires a lot of math, and I am terrible at math? Well, it is true. And I was left with a cable pattern that looked pretty clunky. So I frogged the whole thing. *sobs*

It was a bit traumatic, but once I reworked the pattern I was infinitely happier. So thus begins the third version of the fussy blue sweater, one I think I will actually wear when it is done. And isn’t that the whole point? Yarn ain’t cheap! I’ll keep you posted as it grows into a real live wearable article of clothing.


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