Gluten Free Vegan Cookie Sandwiches


Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar once again provides the recipe for these brilliant vegan Ooh La Las – converted to GF by yours truly.


I love these cookies. They are like oreos and ice cream sandwiches combined! You”ll have to buy the book to get the recipe (and really, you need to buy this book – it’s definitely worth it) but I can tell you how I made them gluten free. It was a bit of an experiment for me because the easy way out is to use a pre-mixed all purpose gluten free flour (like I did with the peanut butter cookies I made here), but today I wanted to try something different. I have a whole whack of GF flours stashed in the pantry that haven’t been getting much use, so I pulled out some sorghum flour, tapioca starch, white rice flour and xanthan gum and combined them to swap with the flour in the recipe. It called for 1-1/2 cups, so I broke it down like this:

1/2 cup sorghum flour (a heavy, sweet flour good for cookies and cakes)
1/2 cup tapioca starch (a bland starch used to thicken)
3/4 cup white rice flour (a fairly bland, inexpensive flour)
2 tsp xanthan gum (to bind it all together)

You may be thinking, Hey genius, that doesn’t add up to 1-1/2 cups! Originally I had only used 1/4 cup of sorghum flour but when the mix was all blended together the consistency was more like icing than cookie dough, so I added 1/4 cup more to dry it out a bit. As I mentioned before, GF mixes are not as pliable as dough made with wheat flour and can definitely get pretty goopy. But fear not! The result is the same once they are baked.

The recipe calls for the dough to be rolled out and the circles cut with a cookie cutter, but again, there is no way you are doing that with a GF dough (trust me, it’s disastrous) so you have to get in there and shape the cookies by hand. I rolled out a small ball of dough in my palm and pressed it onto the parchment paper, then used my fingertips to flatten it into a circular shape. These cookies bake in exactly the shape you put them into the oven at, so the neater the better. If you find the dough is sticking to your hands like crazy, you can either flour your hands, or mix some additional flour into the dough to absorb some of the moisture (this would be the better option for these particular cookies as any excess flour on the tops of the cookies from your fingers would be visible after they have baked).


While the cookies were in the oven (I should also note I didn’t have black cocoa on hand so they aren’t as dark as oreos, but they taste the same) I blended up the icing and tried not to eat it all before the cookies were done. After each tray of cookies had come out of the oven I transferred them to a cooling rack.


Once the cookies had cooled I rolled a small ball of icing in my palm and pressed it between two cookies to make the sandwich. The final product was excellent, I really liked the taste of the sorghum flour! The fun thing about using GF flours is that you have a variety of tastes to choose from. I have made cookies with quinoa flour in the past, but found they didn’t taste sweet enough, so when I use quinoa flour again I would pick a bread or muffin recipe instead of something sweet. If I want to make biscuits for soup or something, I would probably use a bean flour for the flavour instead of a bland flour like white rice. It’s all an experiment mixing different ingredients and quantities, and I like that it can be a bit more creative than straight all purpose wheat flours. Now it’s time to eat cookie sandwiches with my perfect chai tea!



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