Lucky Rocks


As a child I spent a lot of time outdoors with my family; camping and going on mountain hikes, as well as spending a lot of time at our beach front family cabin on Decourcy Island (Side note: I can see Decourcy from my new house on Gabriola!), and my Mom always told me that rocks with a ring around them were considered lucky. I’ve googled this recently to see where it comes from, and found this Lake Ontario Newsletter confirming the notion of lucky rocks – seeing as my Mom is from Ontario it makes sense. Having that in the forefront of my mind, I got into the habit of picking up “lucky rocks” while beachcombing and hiking. Imagine my surprise when, upon moving into our new house, I found heaps and heaps of stones left in the garden by the previous owner, all of which had rings around them! The mother lode of lucky rocks! It must be a sign.


Beachcombing at Drumbeg looks like this ^^^

Anyone else who grew up in Canada remember this song?!

Oh, Canada.

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