Foods: Veggie Rice Bowl


Have I mentioned that J is teaching me how to cook? Having a chef for a partner is a super bonus because I have never been very good at cooking. Baking, a little. But cooking? No dice. Rice bowls are one of my favourite meals – they are gluten free and easy to make vegetarian.

We took baby corns (canned), broccoli, bean sprouts, baby carrots, mushrooms, red pepper, onions, green beans (all fresh) and cooked them with vegetarian teriyaki sauce. I cooked a pot full of white rice – the one thing I’m good at! An ex-boyfriend’s step dad told me years and years ago that the secret to making perfect rice is to put the rice (after rinsing) into the pot then hold your middle finger tip to the surface of the rice and fill with water to your first knuckle. This sounded like crazy talk because everyone’s knuckles are a different size, but I tried his method and I don’t know what kind of witchcraft is at work here, but it worked. And I have cooked perfect rice ever since. No measuring, just eyeball. Magic.

After plating the cooked rice we added a dollop of spicy yogurt (plain yogurt mixed with ranch dressing and cajun spice) then added the hot veggies. We topped it off with fresh cilantro and a handful of cashews. Delicious!!


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