Aubergine Paint in the Bedroom


Things have come to a bit of a standstill at the house in terms of painting and fixing things up – but I haven’t posted all my pics yet!


The master bedroom is a small-ish angular room tucked out of the way from the living and dining area. After painting everything in the house the same soft grey colour, we thought the bedroom should have something with a bit more pop – so we went with aubergine (eggplant for us non-Brits). Initially we wanted the wall behind the bed to be the painted wall, and we did have the room oriented that way to start, but after moving the bed to paint back there I decided to rotate the room. It’s hard to make out in the picture above, but the wall with the glass doors angles out, making the aubergine wall longer than the one opposite, and has created a bit of a funny corner there that was rendered basically unusable by having the bed on that wall. It was just a tiny bit of extra space next to my bedside table. By flipping the bed to the other wall the room felt a lot bigger, allowing the corner to be freely accessed and become a possible location for an armchair or something.


Our dresser already happened to be purple, so now we have a purple-on-purple thing going on, but it’s kind of alright for now. The mirror is a beveled and nicely cut piece that I found in the free-cycle space of my condo several years ago (score) and works really well there. On the wall is a custom framed limited edition Audrey Kawasaki print entitled She Entwined. Audrey is by far my favourite artist; I have several limited run prints by her. She has tight control of the number of prints in the market, and only releases small batches of 100-200 once or maybe twice a year, and they sell out in SECONDS. Thankfully I have a fast internet connection haha. Also in the bedroom is an Audrey entitled My Dishonest Heart, and a custom framed print by Fuco Ueda hangs over the headboard.


During one of our most recent trips to Value Village we picked up 2 cute wall sconces for $4 each (probably from Ikea originally) and mounted them to the wall for reading. Pilot spends ALL DAY on the bed, most often snuggled under the covers. Oh, to be a cat and sleep all day.


  1. What brand and name is the paint you used? Is it Benjamin Moore Eggplant? I’m looking for an eggplant color that truly compliments my charcoal grey tufted headboard. I really like the color you used, it’s vibrant and quite bold. Thanks!

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