Make Your Own Almond Milk


Making your own almond milk is really ridiculously easy.



Now that I’ve scared away all the vegans with my graphic images of cow’s milk curdling on a stove, let’s make almond milk.

Take 1 cup RAW almonds and soak in water for 5-8 hours (or overnight if you are more patient than I am)


Pour out the water and set aside, put the almonds in a food processor with 4 cups of cool water and blend for 2 minutes.


Use the water the almonds soaked in to water your plants – my peace lily LOVES this stuff.


Pour the blended mixture through cheesecloth, a clean pillowcase or almond milk bag to filter out almond particles. These can then be dried in the oven and blended in a food processor to make almond meal.


Add some sweetener – I put in a squirt of agave syrup and a tiny bit of vanilla (the vanilla pictured above is from Mexico and tastes pretty great). Store in the fridge and use within the week. Ta da!


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