Things I Love: David’s Tea


David’s Tea is an excellent source (and perhaps one of the only!) for loose leaf teas in a wide variety of flavours. One I picked up recently is called Forever Nuts and it is a delicious dessert tea – I call it a dessert tea because it taste like an almond-y apple pie. Literally. It’s amazing. The ingredients are apple, almonds, cinnamon, beetroot and artificial flavouring (learn about what artificial flavouring is on their website FAQ). The mix looks more like granola than a loose leaf tea, but the taste is huge and delicious. Also pictured is the Perfect Infuser, which is, obviously, perfect. The mesh is even fine enough to strain out the fine grains of the chai mix I made a few posts back. Pictured at the bottom are a few pieces of the vintage Waechtersbach (made in Germany) tea set I picked up at a Salvation Army a number of years ago (3 cups with saucers, sugar bowl with lid and a creamer all for like $15 – super score!)

03_10_2014_02 03_10_2014_03


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