CULT: Black Box #2


CULT Black Box has arrived again! This is my second box from the company, this one is entitled Festival Lights – which makes cruelty free nail polishes.



Here are the images of the first black box I received, if you’re curious! The box I received today, entitled Festival Lights, included CC40 LAGUNA (the red/magenta) CC47 BREAKWATER (bluey-purple) and CC41 COACHELLA (amazing iridescent silver). They apply thickly with just one coat and I’ve found that they last a couple days before chipping sets in. The chipping is lessened by putting a clear coat or two on top. ALSO included in this box as the bonus accessory was a small set of brushes with very fine points on them. Their website includes tutorials of how to use these tools with the polishes. I’ve been really happy with these products thus far!




    • I just discovered these recently and am in love! The colours are not what I would normally gravitate towards, but that is the joy of having three random colours sent to you every month – you try stuff you normally wouldn’t 🙂

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