Plush Monsters ON SALE NOW!


These cuties have been listed on my Etsy for purchase! So get over there if you want one, they are unique and I won’t make another two looking like these ones again.



This little monster was made by myself this year using a high quality sample fabric in off-white with a pea green geometric pattern. His face is made with plastic teddy bear eyes and a small yellow nose. These pieces are tightly affixed from the back of the fabric and are less likely to fall off than hand sewn buttons, making them safe for small children. His face is a scrap of black leather. He is stuffed with a soft, clean, recycled polyester material and has adorable floppy bunny ears. He is a unique, one of a kind critter made without a pattern so he will not be duplicated.

As the images show, he stands at 11″ tall and about 4″ wide not including his ears.

03_12_2014_14 03_12_2014_15 03_12_2014_16  03_12_2014_18

This little cutie was made by me this year out of a piece of high quality sample fabric with a beautiful floral pattern on it. The colours are very neutral, soft beige, brown and black. He has a little pink nose and two black plastic eyes that have been affixed firmly from the back of the fabric which is safer for small children than hand sewn buttons. He has two perky little ears on top of his head and two soft arms for hugging. He is filled with a soft, clean, recycled polyester fibre. He is a unique one-off, I did not use a pattern so he will always be one of a kind!

As shown in the images he stands roughly 12″ high and about 6″ wide, not including his arms.

03_12_2014_19 03_12_2014_20 03_12_2014_21


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