Book Review: Gone Girl

020_br_gonegirlRead for: Trying to beat the movie
Rating: 5/5!
This is the best book I have read in a while. I’m on a roll! This has been recommended to me by a few people, but I hadn’t gotten around to it until now (that To-Read pile is dangerously tall) and I’m sooo glad I did. Wow! I loved everything about this story. The way it unfolded was flawless, I had no idea what was coming. And the character development was great. First you loved someone, then you hated them, then you were back to liking them again. Gillian has written an incredible Who-Dunnit (crime novels not being something I’m generally into) which is like nothing I have read before. It begins on Nick and Amy’s five year anniversary, Nick’s POV is current, and Amy’s is presented in the form of back dated diary entries (they alternate), and Amy has suddenly gone missing. The threads of subtle feminism woven throughout the tale were what really made this for me, it wasn’t just another story about the victimization of women, fetishizing violence and murder like so many other books (and TV shows, and movies, and magazines, etc etc etc!) it was almost more of a satirical take on the idea of the “sexy woman victim”. It was also a great commentary on the media’s ability to influence public opinion with regards to murder trials, and their impact on the lives of people involved. Parts of it reminded me of Chicago; picture Richard Gere singing Razzle Dazzle and you’re there. This was nothing like I expected. Read it before Ben Affleck makes it weird.


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