Growing Your Own Sprouts!


Grow your own sprouts! It’s fun and easy!


Start with some seeds. I like mumm’s sprouting seeds, though you can also use seeds from the bulk section of the supermarket. Experimenting with different seeds is something I want to try, but haven’t done much yet with the exception of trying to sprout some chia seeds and having them just turn to mush in the jar ha.


I use a mason jar with the ring screwed on over a piece of cheese cloth for draining. Soak a table spoon of seeds for 4-6 hours under a layer of water, then drain.


Rinse the seeds twice a day by swishing some water around and draining it back out. After a few days your sprouts will start to grow, and after 4-6 days they will be ready to eat! You can store well drained sprouts in a sealed container in the fridge.


mumm’s sells really nice blends of seeds, or you can mix them yourself using your favourite seeds. So tasty!



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