Homesteader’s Emporium


This store is amazing and you need to go there if you are in Vancouver and you are interested in DIY and/or homesteading.


Homesteader’s Emporium at 649 East Hastings Street is heaven on earth for anyone who wants to learn more about self sufficiency and homesteading. Beekeeping, gardening, soap and candle making, preserving, etc etc etc; you’ll find it all here!




I picked up a cheese mold and a cotton bag so we can now make the chevre we learned about a few weeks back. I also picked up a cuppow, which is a recycled plastic lid you attach to a mason jar to use as a portable coffee/tea mug, and, even more exciting, a reusable coffee sock for J’s coffee! We have been looking for a good quality reusable filter for a while, going through boxes and boxes of paper filters seems so unnecessary!



And how could I enter a store without leaving with books? Ha. I got a book on beekeeping (we are making moves on this!), one on how to make cider, and a homesteader’s bible of DIY projects. This book contains EVERYTHING we need! Can’t wait to start doing all the things in it. So if you are on East Hastings get yourself in this shop. They host classes on beekeeping, tofu (!) and cheese making, and so much more. And it’s across the street from Spartacus Bookstore. It’s a good block


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  1. This store looks fantastic!! I could definitely spend some money in there. 🙂 I have the book, Backyard Homestead, and absolutely love it. There’s so much great information in it!

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