Progress in the Greenhouse & Yard


Our seedlings are doing really well, and the greenhouse is heating up nicely during the day now that all that snow is long gone. Even though we have a ton of plants at the seedling stage we are impatient so we went to Wild Rose Farm & Garden Centre and brought home a bunch of 4″ herbs and veggies, as well as some other goodies.



Things we are adding to the garden:
Snow crown cauliflower
Winterbor kale
Mix cabbage
Packman broccoli
Walla walla onion
Chocolate mint
Mojito mint
Super sugar snap peas
Eversweet strawberries
Everbearing strawberries
Creeping rosemary
ARP rosemary
Nova raspberries
Black currant
Pink lemonade blueberry
Olive tree



^ This is the olive tree! We planted it in the large planter left behind by the previous owner with the broken shards of the brown swirly toilet in the bottom.


^ We’ve found a way to use some of our pesky paper coffee cups too ha. We stopped there, but there were SO MANY other plants we wanted to get! Next time I get paid I’m splurging on a pair of hazelnut trees (!). Here are some pics of our emerging seedlings:


^ Echinacea and leeks I planted a week and a bit ago are starting to burst up.


^ Cilantro and calendula




^ Peppermint, lemon balm and violas. J has been working in the yard to clear a space for our outdoor planters!


First he pulled out a large area of existing landscape – I’m not sure what it was, other than a hardy ground cover type of plant that shredded J’s hands when it was uprooted.


After clearing the space he laid out an old tarp to stop anything from sprouting back up into our planters.


Leap forward a few weeks and he has placed a bunch of planters, all cobbled together from scrap wood we had in our shed as well as from very kind donations from other islanders. He even built a little bench!


^ We’ve got potatoes planted in the big rectangular planter at the front. Now that we won’t be using our woodstove again until the fall, we are going to remove the ugly brick surround and replace it with something nicer (likely a slate wall and floor tile with a black metal heat guard). J is re-purposing the bricks as a floor for our planter area which will look really great! Once all the bricks are laid we will pour sand over it to fall into the cracks and firm it all up.


Broken bricks have been tossed into the bottoms of the planter boxes to be buried in soil. The $$$ counter for this area so far has been the cost of nails, paint and soil, and that’s it! We’ve got a lot more soil to go, and we are in need of a bit more scrap wood to finish the larger planters at the back, and then we need to put up some kind of deer proofing. The plan is to use a mesh fabric and have it tent down over the enclosure from the tree in the centre. It would be nicer to keep it uncovered, but those pesky deer eat everything!

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