Things I Love: Hurraw! Balm


My new favourite lip balm is definitely Hurraw! Balm!!



I ordered these online because I found out about them online, but didn’t know where I could find them in stores (A few days later I found them on display at Front and Company on Main Street in Vancouver, which I snapped a stealthy photo of). They arrived quickly and I found the hand written notes on the invoice super cute. They also gave me a FREE cherry balm (I ordered chai and lemon flavours) which obviously makes me super happy! SO SWEET. These balms are premium organic, raw and vegan. They are also certified by Leaping Bunny, making them cruelty free. The flavours they have are majorly delicious and I like the shape of the tubes being slightly flattened, making it easier to keep comfortably in your pocket. I highly recommend these lip balms!





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