Grey Guest Bathroom


It’s been a while since I’ve posted about the progress on the house. We haven’t been up to much on the interior as we are still focused outside – working on the garden and completing the paint of the exterior of the house (we still have the balconies left to do, the railings require a lot of work). But we did finish up the minor facelift of the downstairs guest bathroom. Both the light fixture and the sink faucet are horrible and need to be changed out, but it’s low on the priority list as they do currently work just fine. We basically just painted this room a medium/dark grey and bought some new white towels to go on the new chrome towel racks. We also put a shelf above the toilet for small hygiene items and hand towels. There is a new shower curtain as well which is lost in the shadows – this room is hard to photograph and the shower has no light in it! Ugh. It’s like a dark scary shower stall at summer camp hahaha. Ideally one day we demo the wall and remove the beige vinyl shower surround, then install a glass shower door system and tile the wall and floor. The black abyss past the shower is the entrance to the roughed in sauna, which we also hope to have up and running sometime in the future. I absolutely hate the green floor tile but we will have to deal with it for a while longer… baby steps!!






    • Aww thank you so much!! That’s such a great idea.
      And yes, I want to paint everything grey too haha. Grey everything! I love your blog by the way ♥♥♥

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