Deer Proof Herb Garden is Happening


Yesterday we put up the deer-proofing around the planters in the garden and planted a bunch of our herbs. It’s happening, it’s really happening!



We bought a roll of 4′ high fine mesh from the garden supply store – 50 feet was all they had left and turned out to be EXACTLY what we needed! – and some posts for support. We anchored the posts then rolled the mesh around the enclosure, securing it with a staple gun. It was a scratchy job and we both sustained injuries, ha, but it worked out really well! It’s not the prettiest enclosure, but it will do for now. We need to keep the deer out while we establish our garden and save money for something nicer… namely a fence that goes around the whole property to keep out unwanted critters, but that’s a long way off. That’s a lot of fencing!



^ Here we have sage and thyme


^ Our 4 kinds of mint including mojito and chocolate


^ Our cilantro seedlings are warming under the makeshift cold frame


^ And here we have our ARP rosemary. We planted the creeping rosemary in the planter under the bedroom window.


We also planted the snap peas in one of the planter boxes we removed from the front of the house when we were painting, and found a use for old coffee cups in the greenhouse!



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