Liebster Award: Sharing New Blogs!


So I’ve been given not one but TWO Liebster Awards from the lovely bloggers at The Projectory and Jamie’s Home Blog! So I’ve got lots of questions to ask and some torches to pass:

Why do you blog?

I recently left the city of Vancouver for life on Gabriola (one of the gulf islands off the coast of BC) and felt a blog was a good way to not only maintain communication with my friends and family, but would also be a fun way to track the projects I have been working on both craft-wise and around the house, as well as all the books I have been reading. Thus the blog was born!

Where do you find your inspirations and materials?

Like many people, I get most of my inspiration from the internet, books and TV. Materials I try to source locally, but I also tend to troll the interwebs as well. Delivery means I don’t have to leave my house!

What drives you outside of your blog pursuits?

When I’m not blogging I try to be as active as possible, be it gardening, knitting, baking, travel etc. But without doing those things there wouldn’t BE a blog, so it’s all tied together ha

What’s the worst vacation experience you’ve ever had?

99% of my vacations have been amazing. The only one I can recall that was less than stellar was a trip to Mexico with someone who wasn’t as into exploring as I was. We were one hours drive away from Tulum and even had a free rental car, but I didn’t get to go because the person I was with didn’t want to “sit in the car for an hour.” Can’t win them all.

Favorite quick, weeknight dinner?

Tacos or fajitas.

How do you take your coffee?

I don’t drink coffee! I like tea lattes with soy instead.

Favorite blog?

So many! Apartment Therapy, Design*Sponge, Dainty Squid, Purl Bee, The Beauty Department, Desire to Inspire

If you could eliminate one thing from your daily schedule, what would it be?

Maybe not eliminate, but I’d love to reduce the amount of time I spend putting on makeup or fussing over my appearance in general. I probably won’t, though.

What does ‘being creative’ mean to you?

Being able to look at something in a different way than others; seeing a problem and finding a unique solution; seeing something that appeals to you visually and being able to construct it yourself.

What would be your ideal workspace?

Lots of desk space and big windows.

What mode of transportation suits you best?

It’s sad but true: car. It’s so nice to have the freedom to go wherever you want with a couple good friends and some music, all in your own personal bubble.

Why did you start blogging?

See my answer at the top!

What is your greatest passion?

Doing things myself.

What is your greatest fear?

Not surprisingly Death tops the list.

Of the places you’ve lived, which is your favorite?

To be fair I’ve only lived in Vancouver, Halifax and Gabriola, but Gabriola is by far my favourite!

What is your dessert of choice?


What was the most memorable vacation or trip you’ve taken?

It’s so hard to pick! I traveled to Japan at age 14 for school, which was an incredible opportunity that I will never forget.

What is your favorite movie genre?


If you knew you were about to eat your last meal, what would it be?


If you had to move from your current home to another and could only bring five items with you, which five items would you choose?

Do animals count as items? Haha. My cat, dog, rat, J and my laptop.

Which famous person’s house would you most like to live in?

Ellen has a pretty amazing closet for all her sneakers. If the sneakers were included I would want to live there.

If you could be someone else for 24 hours, who would you choose to be?

I’ve only ever wanted to be myself. I can’t think of anybody!

Here’s my list!
Laughing Bird Farm
Radical Farmwives
Great Minds Read Alike
SF Mistressworks
Fall From Grace Crafts
House of Adelaide
Geek Feminism
Nightingale Acres

Here are your questions!

1. How long have you been blogging for?

2. What is your favorite pizza topping?

3. What’s the one thing you could never live without?

4. What’s the best book you have ever read?

5. What musicians are you currently listening to?

6. Where do you live, and do you like it there?

7. Of the places you have traveled, what city/country is your favourite?

8. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

9. Cat person or dog person?

10. What is your least favourite word?

11. Imagine you’ve moved into a new house that is painted all white; what colours would you paint the walls?


  1. I love your blog.. You’re definitely inspiring me to posture my homesteadIsh inclinations I’ve had lately. And thanks so much for nominating me!! I’m just now realizing that there are questions I’m supposed to answer…. I’m gonna get on that soon!!

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