Road Trip and a New Addition


We went on our first road trip of 2014 (and our new car) this week! It’s the tiniest little loop on our world map and took just 2 days.



We began around 11am Tuesday by taking the ferry (the first of 5 ferry rides) into Nanaimo, then driving down to Victoria (about an hour and a half). In Victoria we had lunch then headed to the Black Ball Ferry where we took the 4pm sailing (you have to be there 90 minutes prior to sailing to speak to border guards and present your passport, etc) to Port Angeles in Washington State.



^Photos from the Black Ball ferry between Victoria, BC and Port Angeles, WA. (sailing time 90 minutes)


Port Angeles features a lot of Twilight attractions (I’ll admit right here that while I did read the series, I absolutely hated it) one being the restaurant we went for dinner; Bella Italia. I had the mushroom ravioli and a coke (OBVIOUSLY) and it was beyond delicious!!


We spent the night in Port Angeles, setting off at about 8am the next morning to drive East to Bainbridge Island, WA. (this took about 1 and a half hours). After our stop on Bainbridge Is. we took the ferry over to Seattle where we then set off North to come back to Canada.What were we doing on Bainbridge Island, you ask? ADOPTING BUNNIES. Meet Fry (top) and Leela (bottom)! They are satin angora rabbits that produce super soft fibre for spinning yarn. We are very very excited to welcome these little babies into our home. Fry is about 3 months and Leela is just a wee baby weaned very early at 4 weeks. This makes me a little nervous, but with some careful monitoring she will hopefully grow to be big and strong. She is already eating pellets and hay on her own, and knows how to use the water bottle. They are SOOOO CUTE I’M DYING.



We would have liked to squeeze in some fun activities while in Seattle but were pretty limited by the animals, not wanting to just leave them in the car while we walked around. So we mostly just passed through and drove home (there were still 2 ferry rides and a border crossing left to complete the trip haha).




^ Photos from the ferry between Bainbridge Island and Seattle (35 minutes)


^ Driving North on HWY 5


We finished the trip by taking the ferry from Tsawwassen to Duke Point in Nanaimo and our final ferry of the trip from Nanaimo back home to Gabriola. It was a whirlwind trip but we are really excited about the bun buns. THEY ARE SO CUTE.


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