Oops! The Greenhouse Gets Really Hot, You Guys


So our greenhouse/sun room apparently gets scorchingly hot on sunny days in April… we left for 2 days and returned to find our trays of seedlings massacred. Look away if you find images of dying plants traumatizing!



Thankfully not all is lost, but the trays of violas and chamomile are essentially a write off. The window side of the lemon balm was burned, but most of that tray will live. We moved the damaged trays into the woodshed to see if they would come back in a cooler environment but discovered new damage the next morning; a curious rodent started chewing on our trays haha. Double dang!!

04_05_2014_06 04_05_2014_07

^ The remains of the tray of violas

04_05_2014_08 04_05_2014_09

We also discovered that the birds (we assume) like to snack on the heads of our cilantro. They’ve all been decapitated! A minor setback overall, we can thank our lucky stars the deer didn’t ravage the whole enclosure while we were away given that we don’t have a proper door on it yet (we are playing a risky game here!). We will just have to start the chamomile and violas back up. The calendulas are all doing well, as well as what remains of the cilantro. We’ve also got sprouts of tomato, echinacea, leek and soy bean growing away happily. We will keep a closer eye on those babies from now on!

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