Salvaging Materials for the Garden


Our garden project has been largely made possible by the wealth of generous people on the island willing and able to donate materials to us. In the last few weeks we have collected a load of great materials for freeeeee (or super-duper cheap!) and we are making smooth progress on the planting as the sun has come out to shine on us.



J met a man at the hardware store and he expressed that we were looking for scrap wood to build raised containers in our yard, and lo-and-behold this guy happens to be building a sustainable home on the island and has a huge pile of off-cuts he has offered to us. He has felled the cedar trees on his lot and had them planed to create the beautiful beams he will use for his home, and the pile above is the left overs from the planing process; amazing cedar planks and scraps he is allowing us to take as we wish. There are some great pieces in here, lots to make benches and retaining walls out of. And it’s all local and fresh which is even more amazing, it smells INCREDIBLE.


We’ve been using them to build a set of stairs and some large planters on the sloped sunny side of the house. Above is a progress shot!


Another great material we have been collecting is pallets! These things are great for gardening, just take a look at these images. We’ve scored a ton of them from local businesses, and the best part is they are free. They are easy to put into the garden and look great when they are filled with dirt and plants.

04_13_2014_19 04_13_2014_20

We’ve got some tomato seedlings sprouting and we need to keep them warm in the garden so we went to the GIRO and got some old wood-frame windows to make some mini greenhouses. These bad boys were $1 each and with a bit of a sand and cleaning they should work perfectly. It’s been really fun sourcing these materials and finding a way to reuse them in our garden. We really regret not buying a truck though hahaha.


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