Spring Has Sprung! Garden Progress Big Time


We have been working our butts off (I say ‘we’ but mostly it’s J ha) to get the garden up and running now that it’s so sunny and warm. We’ve recovered from burning a load of our seedlings in the too-hot greenhouse and have planted a second wave of seedlings now that some of the first wave have been transferred outside. We put a door on our enclosure so it’s now deer-proof and we are full steam ahead!



^ New seedlings; soy beans and tomatoes (top), more soy beans, quinoa and flax (bottom).



^ Our funny enclosure gate!


And now the plants outside! Above is cauliflower and walla walla onion, below are some Lemon Boy tomatoes.

04_13_2014_14 04_13_2014_13

^ Fuscias! They are a Pink Marshmallow variety which I thought was pretty adorable. Something for the bees to munch on, we’ve had lots of bees in the yard from both our mason bee hive (which is getting busier!) and the hives of honeybees in the neighbour’s yard. While we wanted to stick to plants with medicinal uses or that we could eat, I’m pushing for a few beds of wildflowers to encourage the bees to stick around.


^ The tray of lemon balm we managed to salvage from the greenhouse massacre.


^ The calendulas are growing like mad! Here they are at the base of the black currant bush.


^ A bed of raspberries, rhubarb, oregano and catnip. Gotta plant something for Pilot too. Yum!

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