We Did a Crazy, Impulsive Thing


Carpet is nasty, let’s all just admit it and stop installing it in our houses. It’s full of allergens, it’s hard to clean, is often made with gross materials that can’t be recycled, and 99% of the time it’s really, really ugly. The carpet installed in the downstairs of our house is relatively new so I feel bad pulling it up, but it’s clearly a commercial carpet installed in a house and I can’t stand looking at it. Does that make me sound like a carpet-snob? When I moved into my Vancouver condo in 2007 the whole thing was carpeted in something very similar – even in the BATHROOM and around the TOILET and it just hurts my brain trying to understand why people make these decisions. Is it because carpet is cheap? Easier to install than tile or hardwood? “Feels nicer” on your feet? I just don’t get why someone would opt for carpet when they could have something so much better. Needless to say, we went a bit bananas and without any real plan we tore out the carpeting in the great room downstairs. Setting aside the underlay for possible reuse later, we are now left with the concrete slab which could use a good buff, seal and paint until the day we have extra bucks to spend on wood flooring. Until then it’s going to be a bit chilly on the toes, but I won’t sneeze so much downstairs anymore. Also, Suze won’t have soft material to secretly pee on, which is another reason why we pulled out the carpeting. It stunk hahaha.

04_18_2014_05 04_18_2014_06 04_18_2014_07


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