Book Review: Tangled Up In Blue

n23079Read for: Final installment of the Snow Queen saga

Rating: 3/5

This is a quick, enjoyable (if brainless) read if you are into police dramas/crime solving. Normally I’m not into cop dramas because they are everywhere and 99% of them are so formulaic they’ve become predictable and boring. Plus, there are other professions out there that are just as interesting! I look forward to the day the world falls out of love with police characters and romanticizes some other line of work… janitorial maybe? I’m essentially a glorified janitor most of the time and I could tell some pretty harrowing toilet stories… but I digress. I was anticipating Tangled Up In Blue would be a throw away quickie set in the Snow Queen universe and I was partially right. This is a prequel to the Snow Queen and features my not-so-favourite protagonist BZ Gundhalinu; this time he is involved in an investigation following a massacre of vigilante Blues (police officers) in a warehouse in Carbuncle. Vinge introduces a handful of new characters to adventure alongside some regulars – Gundhalinu, Jerusha PalaThion, Herne/Starbuck, The Snow Queen, Fate Ravenglass, The Source, Mundilfore etc. This is an acceptable novel, it is executed well despite not making any big statements and certainly not living up to the complex plots of the Snow and Summer Queen novels. I’m actually not sure why The Snow Queen series featured these two smaller, less interesting “filler” type novels (World’s End being the other one), and I’m doubly not sure why this was a prequel. It is tied into the events that take place in the Summer Queen, but the events that take place in this novel are never alluded to in the preceding books (which take place after). For Gundhalinu to be featured so heavily in all four of these novels but seemingly have no knowledge of the events that took place in this prequel throughout the rest of the series makes it pretty clear this book was just tacked on at the end. Regardless, it is entertaining and engaging as long as you don’t expect much from it.


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