The Bun Buns Settle In


The bunnies are getting settled into their new home and are gradually becoming more comfortable with us handling them and letting them run around. Leela is growing like a weed (see below!) and Fry has the funniest little bunny-tude – in the photo above he is getting his lounge on. It’s not in the budget just yet but I have designed a larger hutch for them that will ultimately go downstairs. It will give them more room to move around as well as have a little ramp to allow them playtime in a fenced in play area. Can’t wait to give them something more spacious as they are both growing super-duper fast and they will eventually get pretty big. Fry has had one haircut so far, which is why his fluff looks so choppy, but Leela is still growing out her first coat. It is soooo soft, words can’t describe. I would love to have a big bed made of bunny fluff! And seriously, their faces. I can’t handle the cuteness.


One comment

  1. Awww! Bunnies are so hard to live with. They are too cute. I can’t do anything without spending half of my time staring at them. 🙂 If I had bunnies as fluffy as yours, I would have to carry them around the house, cuddling with them all the time!

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