Setting Up The Tea Garden


When J and I were in London in 2012 we stopped in an adorable tea shop and I proceeded to buy everything they had in stock. One of the items I scooped was a book (because when traveling it’s super smart to buy lots of books that you then have to schlepp around…) full of tea recipes. Now that we have started digging into the garden J suggested the idea of a tea garden where we can grow all of our tea-related plants to make our own loose leaf teas. I CAN’T WAIT.



Those ominous looking trenches AREN’T graves, they are the locations for our tea beds. J has been digging in the front yard (I keep forgetting we have a front yard, we also have an orchard on the other side of the house, and a HUGE lower yard…) to source the soil for all the planters we have been building. The next step will be to build the raised boxes then fill them with soil.


Anyone have suggestions for good tea plants? So far we are planning on using as many of the plants from the book as possible:



  1. It’s not too cold in BC to grow tea plants? You could definitely grow some items for tisane varietals, like chamomile and probably peppermint. What kind of tea do you like best? My personal favorites are rooibos, jasmine green, and some tisane teas.

    • I definitely love chamomile and peppermint! We are in the sunny gulf islands so it gets lovely and warm here, thank goodness! I would be pretty distressed if I couldn’t grow anything. I like a lot of different herbal blends, and am a total sucker for herbal remedies. The book has lots of great ideas so I’m pretty excited to get started 🙂

      • I look forward to seeing your ideas come to life! I noticed lemongrass is also on the table of contents list…I would LOVE to have lemongrass. That’s one of my absolute favorites, either on its own or mixed with black tea.

  2. Also, buy a copious number of books while travelling abroad is inevitable, haha. This is why you just have to bring a big carry-on so you don’t have to have it weighed as a part of your checked luggage. 🙂

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