Bunny Hutch!


So the bunny hutch is nearly complete. But we have a problem… we used cedar on the outside (because I’m obsessed) and apparently that is bad for the health of your rabbits. Of course I learn this AFTER… ugh! I’ve done a lot of online research and we’ve decided to line the interior of the hutch with plywood to protect the bun buns from direct contact with the cedar siding, and to seal the outside to prevent off-gassing. It seems the biggest problem with cedar is in using the shavings for bedding, and we use carefresh bedding not wood shavings. A lot of sources say cedar on the outside of the hutch is not a problem, so we will go ahead and move Fry and Leela into their new mansion once the inside is complete. Does anyone else have experience in rabbit hutch-ery that can offer advice? Look at how nice it is!!!


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