Don’t Throw It, Grow it!


Don’t Throw It, Grow It! is like my kitchen bible. I eat a lot of veggies so this is a great resource for reusing pits and seeds to grow your own plants. I managed to get a sprouted avocado pit to grow into a 12″ tree once upon a time, thanks to this book (then I killed it with too much love/watering). Now that I don’t live in a tiny north-facing apartment I’ve cracked this book back out and we are trying some of the methods it suggests.


We’ve got some avocado pits in peat moss bags, as well as a mango pit I pulled out of the husk. We’ve got some ginger started and we are also giving kiwis a try, they are currently riding out a mock winter in the fridge. Plants are fascinating! This book covers a pretty wide range of fruits and vegetables, and show you how easy it is to grow plants from food scraps. I’ll keep you posted on progress…

05_13_2014_09 05_13_2014_10 05_13_2014_11


  1. I love making mango curry but i’ve never thought about using the seed that’s inside, going to have to save the next one and give it a try. I’ve grown lemon trees from seeds before and tried doing so again a couple of weeks ago but I don’t think anything is coming from these seeds this time sadly.

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