A Day on De Courcy


My family has had a cabin on De Courcy since I was a very small child, and it definitely influenced our decision to buy property on Gabriola (a neighbouring island in the Gulf). Now it’s just a quick 15 minute boat trip from Degnen Bay (20 from Silva Bay) over to Pirates Cove on De Courcy. Yesterday my Dad picked me up and I went there for the day with Suze to see family and check out the renovation progress.



Above is a photoshopped image (I like making the colours look surreal in landscapes) but the bottom panorama is unaltered.

05_19_2014_20 05_19_2014_13

My Dad is an architect, which is 99% of the reason I went to school for Interior Design. He has made several additions to the cabin over the years, the most recent being the addition of a bedroom/bathroom along the front of the property. The progress is looking great, the windows are all custom made and face the water. The large fireplace is called the Antoinette because the glass face opens upwards, then slides back down to close – like a guillotine. Ha!

05_19_2014_14 05_19_2014_15 05_19_2014_16 05_19_2014_17

While there we removed an old garden enclosure and rainwater collection barrel which I salvaged for use in our garden. Score! It has been hard to grow plants around the cabin because the deer are so prolific and the plants don’t get regular direct sunlight. The failed garden was replaced by some transplanted ferns which will hopefully fill out without much fuss because they are indigenous plants.


While there we also had a meeting about a job we are working on together. I love floorplans.

05_19_2014_19  05_19_2014_21

Suze always has a great time there. Lookit how short her legs are!! *swoon*


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