I Found a Spinning Wheel


The first Gabriola Farmer’s Market took place on Saturday of the May Long Weekend, which we are looking forward to visiting every Saturday for the rest of the summer. While there we picked up some local honey for my Mom (a huge honey lover) and a couple Lovage starters for the greenhouse. Also happening on Saturday was the SOS (Save Our Shores) yard sale, with 80% of proceeds going to the Unist’ot’en Resistance Camp. For just $50 I picked up a spinning wheel (!!!) which was incredibly exciting. Just the day before we had spoken to another woman on the island about borrowing hers because we aren’t ready to drop big bucks on one just yet, imagine our luck. This wheel requires a few very minor repairs – the treadle has come loose on one side and it is missing a brake on the bobbin but apart from that it works! Get ready for angora spinning…


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