So. Many. Seedlings.


We have been planting seeds like crazy. We’ve collected quite a few packages of seeds from the garden centre, as well as through Seeds for Change where locals have seeds available for donation. This is a pretty picture heavy post where you can check out progress on our various starters, including chickpeas, lemon, hollyhock, chili peppers, rosa campanula, yarrow, leeks, motherwort, carrots, borage, foxglove, lovage, lupins, mullen, soy beans, echinacea, flax and mango.



J has started a wall in the greenhouse where we will mount gutters to hold rows of seedlings (as on the floor in the photo above) before transplanting them outside.

05_17_2014_02  05_17_2014_05 05_17_2014_06 05_17_2014_14 05_17_2014_22 05_17_2014_21 05_17_2014_13 05_17_2014_12 05_17_2014_20 05_17_2014_19 05_17_2014_11 05_17_2014_10 05_17_2014_18 05_17_2014_17 05_17_2014_09 05_17_2014_08 05_17_2014_16 05_17_2014_15 05_17_2014_07

One comment

  1. Wow! Love seeing all these little sprouts. Can’t wait to follow how your garden progresses over the months to come!

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