Harvesting Lavender


Our yard has a number of established lavender plants, in addition to the new ones we have planted. The larger plants are all in bloom now, and I harvested some of the flowers yesterday. Our house smells so nice now!



05_21_2014_10 05_21_2014_09

I cut some flower heads only for drying on a screen, as well as some small bundles to hang. This is the first time I have harvested lavender, so I’m interested to see which method is more effective. I left tons of flowers still budding on the plants, so we will likely have another round of cuttings later this spring. Yay!

05_21_2014_08 05_21_2014_07 05_21_2014_06  05_21_2014_04 05_21_2014_03  05_21_2014_01

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