Foods: Polenta Fries


Polenta fries are super easy to make and a nice change from regular french fries. If you aren’t familiar with polenta, it is cornmeal boiled into a type of porridge that you can buy in a tube. It sounds gross, but it’s really good!


We used an old hunk of stale bread to make breadcrumbs in our food processor with some Cajun spice, then rolled the sliced polenta in a bowl of crumbs to coat them (you can use egg to make the crumbs adhere better).


Heat some oil in a medium sized pot but don’t let it boil over because you’ll have a fire! One day we will get a deep fryer and this whole process will be so much easier… Let the oil get hot and using a metal spoon lower the polenta pieces into the pot and let fry until they are golden.


Remove the fries from the oil and let them blot on some paper towel, then eat when they aren’t lava hot. Yum!

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